First and foremost, we have to acknowledge the commitment of the families of our volunteers whose support for the team and its mission are the foundation on which we stand. Their role is the least visible but the most crucial in allowing each member the time to attend scheduled training and respond to emergency call-outs. It also has to be acknowledged that each volunteer is dependent on an understanding and tolerance of their employer in responding to emergency call-outs. The team is also supported by local hiking clubs who enjoy the outdoor amenities, communities who live in our area of operations, and businesses who benefit from the team’s services.


Galway County Council 

Galway County Council continues to support to team in the provision of funding through the Community Support Scheme. This funding helps to ensure that GMRT  remains operational and continues to benefit locals and visitors who enjoy are upland and mountainous areas. Funding covers vehicle maintenance, base operations and running costs directly related to search and rescue. 




Iain Miller 

Maintaining a Team ready to respond to emergency call outs requires regular training in all elements of the skill set. We are glad to have had the assistance of Iain in maintaining our mountain skills and providing the mountain skills assessment for Team members.

Chris Tierney
Chris did the Team a major service by working with us to develop the current version of our website. This new interation allows us to interact with our stakeholders and the general public.

Shane Minihan

Shane supports us with graphic design services in presenting the Team to our stakeholders and potential funders or sponsors.