Exciting New Fundraising Initiative for 2018

The men and women of Galway Mountain Rescue rarely shy away from a challenge. We regularly deploy at night and in poor weather to effect complex rescue operations. We provide sophisticated medical care in remote locations and co-ordinate with multiple emergency services to transfer the ill or injured mountaineer to hospital for treatment.  However, our most persistent challenge does not result from the rugged terrain in which we operate. Instead, it’s the struggle to secure the annual funding required to keep this vital service in operation. 

Annual running costs for the team come to approximately €40,000. This includes the cost of training, equipment, insurance and vehicle running costs. In 2017, those same volunteers that provide this vital service also had to fundraise to cover 17% of their operational budget while relying on donations for a further 20% of the money required to run the team. With funding from local and national government grants not sufficient to cover running costs, each year the team must generate the funds necessary to ensure this vital service survives. 

This year, in order to put the team on a more secure financial footing, Galway Mountain Rescue is undertaking a new fundraising initiative in conjunction with High Point Ireland. High Point Ireland is the all-Ireland governing body for the sports discipline of Highpointeering. Its Gribbon list of 188 locations comprise the full catalogue of Ireland's major geographical high points. The 10,000m Challenge is an outdoor adventure and charity fundraising initiative like no other. The goal for each registered challenger is to visit 10,000 vertical metres worth of Gribbon locations during the calendar year (1st January to 31st December). Registered participants for this event are expected to raise a minimum of €150 for Galway MRT. All participants will receive an enamel supporter badge. Also provided will be the Highpointeer Logsheet and Entry Form. 

For further information on the challenge and a link to the registration page go to https://www.highpointireland.com/10000m-challenge-2018.html

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